Baby Shower Scented Magnet

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Baby Shower Scented Magnet

    This fully handmade lovely Baby Shower magnet gift for guests is designed with natural scented stone made girl, a very cute ribbons pink (symbolize girl.

    For tag we have "Customization options".

    The base of the magnet is circular wooden that is plated with silvery gland fabric and the periphery is detailed with jute rope.

    We provide free box or tulle bag for you.

    We hope you share your happiness with your guests and with our product you can stop the time and make it infinite for your cute baby girl and your guests as a memoir.

    We are concerned of your babies health and so, the color materials are also natural. So this gift has no harm to anybody.


    Wooden Magnet Radius: 6-7 cm/2.5-3 inches

    Width: 3-4 cm/1.2-1.5 inches

    Height: 3-5 cm/1.4-2 inches

    Length: 6-7 cm/2.2-3 inches

    For customization please contact us.


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